Work only with one Real Estate Agent

Work only with one Real Estate Agent

In many countries it is customary to work with several Real Estate Agents at the same time and end up buying from the Agent who brings the best home. This is counterproductive, as no Agent who values their time will be willing to dedicate the effort necessary for you to find your ideal property. They probably won’t commit to you because they know that they could end up working for nothing.

It is better to do the opposite - commit to buying from an Agent and work with them until you: (a) buy the property you are looking for or (b) realize that this Agent doesn’t understand your needs (and in this case you must select a new Agent).

This concept is a modern real estate technique, and it is what is done in all developed countries, as it is a more efficient way of working. This is what is known as a “Buyer Agent”.

Your Buyer Agent must commit to things like the following:

  • 1- Communicate to their colleagues that you are a serious buyer and what your wants and needs are. Your Buyer Agent should ask them to notify him/her of any property that appears on the market.
  • 2- Stay informed about the relevant trends in the market, so that you can buy at the best possible price and conditions.
  • 3- Review daily the offer of new properties on the market, both on the internet, in print and any other available way.
  • 4- Select the properties that may be of interest to you and communicate them to you as soon as possible.
  • 5- Help you qualify for a mortgage loan under the best possible conditions.
  • 6- Show you the properties that best meet your requirements.
  • 7- Advise you to present the offer that best takes care of your interests.
  • 8- Negotiate representing you and always taking care of your interests.
  • 9- Make sure that the property you select does not have any legal problem.
  • 10- Answer your calls as soon as possible and never beyond 24 hours.

Make sure the Agent you select is affiliated with a good company and has access to good inventory.

Good luck buying your property!