L3618 - Private Hideaway.

Stann Creek, Stann Creek District, Belize

Listing ID: 00175237056

Just one of the diverse areas in The Reserve is WaterWays Village where this large, 1.24 acre, parcel of land is located.
Situated at the back end of a cul-de-sac with a private entryway, this particular property affords significant solitude for the perfect hidewaway.
And when you are ready to mingle the marina, beach club, spa and fitness club, horseback riding, are just a short drive away by golf cart, bicycle, or car.
Built your personal retreat.
Enjoy your life here in Belize.
And to make this a little more appealing, the owner is offering financing with a deposit of $50,000 USD. The Riverine Ecosystem The Reserve encompasses 9 miles of the Sittee River, a diversified habitat where fresh and salt water mingle to create a haven for wildlife.
Manatees, rays and barracuda cruise its deep river waters, while inquisitive turtles, egrets and Morelet's crocodiles patrol the surface.
All for our residents to experience and enjoy up close and personal. Tropical Savannah Ecosystem The Caribbean's response to the Serengeti Plains of Africa, The Reserve's 2,000-acre stretch of sub-tropical savannah serves as home to a diverse array of rare plant species.
Wispy grasses, scattered shrubs and thick-barked solitary trees protect a variety of animals, tropical birds and amphibians that take refuge in this unique landscape. Belizean Jungle Ecosystem The Reserve's 10,000-acre private wildlife reserve is comprised of tropical broadleaf jungle featuring immense cohune palms, cedar, ceiba and mahogany trees that share the jungle floor with ferns, vines and orchids.
Here flourish some of Belize's most picturesque rivers and waterfalls, as well as jaguar, tapir, ocelot and howler monkey.
Wildlife enthusiasts, welcome. Caribbean Marine Ecosystem Several coastal ecosystems thrive in the Caribbean waters that kiss The Reserve - among them ocean lagoons, mangrove marshlands, bays and tidal wetlands rivaling the Florida Everglades.
These spectacular habitats serve as nurseries for tropical fish and amphibians, while offering protection against tidal erosion. Coral Reef Ecosystem Just off the shores of Sanctuary Caye, our five-acre private island, healthy vibrant coral reefs provide a stunning underwater home to a dazzling array of tropical fish, sea turtles, eagle rays and migrating whale sharks.
Just a short boat ride away, the Belize Barrier Reef - the world's second largest - beckons scuba and snorkeling enthusiasts to enjoy a diving experience like no other in the Western Hemisphere. Get in touch with me to learn about property ownership here in beautiful Belize. GPS - approximate location Latitude - (16.81) Longitude - (-88.31)

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$ 209,000.00
Lot size:
1.24 Sq Mt.
13.35 Sq Ft.
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1.24 Sq Mt.
13.35 Sq Ft.

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