#7033 - Rainforest Lot #6 in Better In Belize Eco Community.

Benque Viejo del Carmen, Cayo District, Belize

Listing ID: 00121124018

Grand lot 3/4 (0.78) of an acre, in a great location in the community along Toucan Trail.
Some clearing done; the lot has a series of terraces depending on where you want to build on this lot.
The front has a flatter profile and then slopes up at about a 15-degree pitch, but if you want seclusion and to be tucked away, this lot is for you. It has some nice hardwoods like bull hoof trees, sapodilla and black poisonwood.
There are some limestone boulders on the property.
Solar exposure of about 6 hours daily.
Easy stroll to the Community Gardens. Better in Belize Project Description: This small-scale Belize eco-development offers: · A master-planned Eco-Community in the Belize rainforest · A secluded paradise close to all the amenities that count · A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in an affordable Caribbean property · 98 single-family home lots ranging from 0.28 to 1.67 acres · 14 small, multi-residential home lots ranging from 0.45 to 1.78 acres · 3 commercial lots (e.g.
restaurant, spa, conference center) ranging from 0.96 to 1.39 acres · 130 acres of dramatic rainforest terrain, 50% which will be protected forever · Off-the-charts charm factor · A renewed sense of community with like-minded neighbors from around the world · Eco-construction guidelines and services · Simple reservation process · Full-title ownership · Easy, stress-free and transparent Closing Process A couple of important notes: 1.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Buy at today’s price.
Over 80% of the lots in this Belize eco-community have already been sold.
Don’t delay and miss out on owning affordable real estate in Belize.
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$ 35,000.00
Lot size:
3,156.00 Sq Mt.
33,970.87 Sq Ft.

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