Gas Station for Sale on Hummingbird Highway, Stann Creek District, Belize. For Sale -

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$ 750,000.00


Features of this Gas Station: 

  1. Sits on a 1.397 Acre Land 

  2. Gas Station was built in 2018 

  3. Contains Gas Station. 

  4. Fuel Pump Contains 3 Fuel Nozzles on each side. 

  5. Super, Regular & Diesel. 

  6. Kerosene Pump is separate. 

  7. There is a second Diesel Fuel Pump especially for Large Trucks. 

  8. Convenience Store with an office space, employee bathroom, storeroom, and walk-in vault. 

  9. Customer Male and Female Bathroom outside. 

  10. Contains a Garage/Work Area that is approximately 40ft x 80ft or 3,200 Square Feet. 

  11. Fuel Tanks Sizes: Regular Gas 4,000 Gallons, Diesel 4,000 Gallons, Premium Gas 3,000 Gallons, and Kerosene 500 Gallons. 

  12. Fuel Tanks are above ground with a Shed measuring 45ft x 34ft. 

  13. Contains a vehicle/truck cement ramp beside the Garage/Work Area. 

  14. Water comes from a Dam. 

  15. Contains a drainage that is located next to the fuel pumps and fuel tanks in case of spills. 

  16. This spill waste then flows into an underground tank and undergoes a 3-stage filtration system before it exits into the environment. 


Benefits & Advantages of this Gas Station: 

  1. Gas Station is located on the highway. 

  2. This is the First Gas Station when going south from Belmopan. 

  3. Foundation is very strong to support a second floor. 

  4. Water is Free. 

  5. The land is well developed with gravel for ease of driving and clean. 

  6. Business is managed via Vyapar accounting software. 


Investment Ideas of this Gas Station: 

  1. Second Floor has the potential to become a Café, Entertainment/Recreational Area, because it has a picturesque view of the mountains. 

  2. The Garage/Work Area has the potential to become a Mechanic Shop/Tire Repair Shop/Car Wash. 



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  • Listing ID: 100102310014
  • Property type: Commercial building
  • Contract type: For Sale
  • Price: $ 750,000.00
  • Year built: 2018
  • Construction size: 0.00 Sq. Ft.
  • Lot size: 60,853.00 Sq. Ft. - 5,653.43 Sq Mt.
  • New
  • Air conditioning
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  • Garage open
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